Medical Mission


During the meeting, it was disclosed that the healthcare program of OAI which ended abruptly in December,2007 has been revived.

All the issues as enumerated by the physicians (Dr Orumili Okafor and Dr Azubike Nweje) and the nurses helping with the day to day operation of the program in Onitsha have been conclusively addressed. The program is scheduled to commence operations on February 1, 2009.

The nurses were paid over Six Hundred Thousand Naira (N600,000) to settle all the dept owed them and had more contributions as gifts given to them by Prof Nnayelugo John Uyanne (N40,000), Kpajie Ubaka Morah(N50,000) and Ms Gloria Chio Chukwuma (N50,000).

The healthcare committee that will help in the efforts of the program has been reconstituted pending board approval. OAI healthcare program is focused on the education and treatment of people suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes.

These two killer diseases are now ranked the second(High blood pressure) and third (Diabetes) highest killers of Nigerians with HIV disease topping the list as number one-The punch of November 28,2007..

High blood pressure is responsible for the high rate of Cerebrovascular accident (Stroke), myocardial infarction (Heart attack) in Onitsha indigenous community while Diabetes is responsible for the high rate of nerve damage, eye /vision problems, kidney failures and consequently strokes and heart attacks. The death rate from the complications of untreated or poorly treated high blood pressure and Diabetes in our indigenous community is very high due to lack of specialized centers/poor access to healthcare/poverty complex.

As our community becomes more acculturated to Western styled living and lifestyle, it is expected as has been in other communities that the incidence and prevalence of these two killer diseases will rise and exact its toll on the community.

In OAI healthcare program, we have a singular unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our people by recognizing that healthcare is not the ultimate responsibility of governments but involves collaboration by both private and public sectors as was loudly expounded by the Alma-Ata declaration of 1978.