We, the supporters of OAI charitable mission

Inspired by the need to contribute to the development of Onitsha community in Nigeria and America through charitable causes.

Recognizing the common interest of the health and community welfare of the people of Onitsha in Nigeria

Believing that every single human life matters and that all people should have access to the basic essentials of good health and those of us with the ability to provide life-saving medications/health education to the less privileged should do so in good faith.

Abiding by the World health organizations-UNICEF Alma-Ata declaration in Kazakhstan in 1978 that ushered in the concept of “Health for all”

Supporting the need for all other charitable causes of OAI that helps in providing peace, social progress, better standards of life for Onitsha community in Nigeria and America .

It is with great pride that I report to you on the outcome of the deliberations in our annual meeting on Saturday, the 17th of January, 2009 in Dallas , Texas . The annual meeting was held in accordance to our By-laws and was open to all. We have agreed on new steps to organize OAI and to lay a strong foundation for the future.

As a charitable organization, we feel a special responsibility to work together,to seize the opportunities and meet the challenges inherent in carrying out our mission.


In order for us to further strengthen our goals in healthcare delivery in Onitsha , OAI will incorporate a Telemedicine initiative as a pilot project. This Telemedicine pilot project is due to start on June 6, 2009.

It will involve a face to face collaborative video conference between the nurses/physicians involved in OAI healthcare program in Onitsha and their counterparts in the USA

As a pilot project,it will be given adequate publicity both in USA and Nigeria via News agency of Nigeria , US Commercial service in Lagos and other media houses as the first of its kind in Africa .

The long term goals of these set-up is for the application of grants from governments and private agencies as OAI cannot rely on donations from Onitsha community alone for long term sustenance of this noble program.